Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, here I go

Well, I am the queen of procrastination, but after reading my friend's blog for so long (thank you, Nicole) I feel like this may be a way for me to process my day. I might even see some growth. This summer has been good, for the most part. Having 3 small children at home during a summer of rain almost everyday has had its challenges. My boys have felt caged in, at times. However, I have seen them get really creative and play more using their imaginations. My boys are 6, 3, and 11 mo. The two older ones have warrior spirits and LOVE playing with swords. They also love setting up battles with their castle men, dinosaurs, Star Wars action figures, and whatever else will stand at attention near their Fisher Price castle. Having a baby this last year has been such a blessing. He has been my easiest so far. I think I am much calmer and definitely more care free with my mothering. I have finally gotten good at listening to my instincts. I wasn't around my own mother growing up, so being a good, nurturing mother is very important to me. I am not looking forward to this fall because my 6 year old will start 1st grade at the local public school, which means up early for me 5 days a week. I am NOT a morning person, and neither is my 6 year old. It will be a growing experience for both of us. I look forward to rambling some more later. This is fun!!!


4andcounting said...

I am dreading the early mornings too! I let my kids wake me up, but that is going to have to change. And Princess is the last one up, so getting up early will be a big change for her too. I hope we survive it. :)

Regarding finding other blogs: I think I just did a blog search for mommy blogs or something and started there. Once I found a couple I liked I started visiting the blogs they had linked on their page and it grew. I read way too many now! It is fun though. I also follow my comments when I get new ones to check out other blogs. Watch out--you can get addicted pretty quickly!

dcrmom said...

Welcome to blogging!! I think you'll find plenty of blogs. It's very addicting, this blogging thing. Just start clicking around on my blogroll or Nicole's, and you'll find some great people out there. :-)