Saturday, July 21, 2007

Add On to "Start My Diet Tomorrow"

"it really works when you stick to it." That seems so obvious but it really is the hardest part. I got too content with how far I HAD come that I fell off the strict wagon. I fit back into my old clothes, so I wasn't as desperate to finish to goal. I totally woke up this morning hungry and thought, "Ooh, I want a piece of homemade bread with real butter on it for breakfast." But then, I remembered my WW commitment, so I had Fiber One cereal instead, and feel totally satisfied. It is a complete mental decision, at this point.

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weavermom said...

I'm not doing WW, but I'm with ya! I've lost 10, and I have about 15-20 to go. I'm not sure yet what is a good "post-baby" weight. I think you're right - it's all about those little choices!

And BTW, every time I've clicked on your blog the last couple of days I'm struck by how beautiful you are! The picture you have up is so pretty I think. :)