Monday, May 26, 2008

Recent trip to KS

We got back last week from a 10 hour car trip (with 3 kids) to KS. We had a wonderful time with family. I just realized that I have no pictures with my brother in his cap and gown. My kids love going to KS. It is like a magical wonderland filled with tractors, open spaces, and hyper dogs named "Molly."

Here is DH being "artistic" with his new camcorder.  The joys of a long car trip.
Here was our dinner stop on the way there at Canadian, TX.  The kids were so happy to be free for an hour.  We had some good cheeseburgers at the "Fillin Station."

Here is the famous "Molly" dog.  The kids LOVED her.  I was not as impressed as they were.  

This was us waiting for our ride on the 4 wheeler.  Like our matching shirts?

When we weren't on the 4 wheeler, dad was giving rides in his new hi-tech tractor.  The kids think my dad is famous because he drives such a big tractor.  

Having some fun in the tree.  The brown headed kids are 2 of my nephews.  My dad's yard was made for little boys.

On the way home, Bam Bam decided he needed to be back with the big boys.  The big boys didn't appreciate the slobbery fingers in their face while they tried to watch Veggie Tales.

This is a normal view from any vantage point in western KS.  Looks like a dessert, but that is a field.  Not a tree for miles.  Strangely, it can be refreshing after being in the crowded city. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I made a mess

Thought I could "spruce" up my blog, and I went and made a mess of it. I will have to have dh help me later. Pictures from my trip to my hometown in KS coming soon.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meme (because I am bored)

Where is your cell phone? In my purse. Your significant other? hilarious, hard worker, perfectionist, talented, competitive, sensitive, hot stuff! Your hair? pony tail day (every 3rd day) Your mother? loves unconditionally Your father? multi-talented & wonderful Your favorite thing? being with family Your dream last night? Don’t know Your favorite drink? My morning coffee w/ Hazelnut creamer Your dream/goal? get in shape/ be more productive The room you are in? Our office Your ex? I started dating dh when I was 16, so "ex" is kind of silly, but I don't know where he is or what he does. Your fear? heights Where do you want to be in six years? close to my family, living out purpose Where were you last night? watching "Raiders of the Lost Arc" and eating takeout with dh while kids slept ...HEAVEN! What are you not? detail oriented, good at reading directions, driven Muffins? this makes me think of muffin tops, which I hate....(darn 3 pregnancies) One of your wish list items? a decorator to help me finish house Where you grew up? KS The last thing you did? went to World Aquarium with my family What are you wearing? green shorts, white tee-shirt Your TV? waste of time, but I love it Your pets? I don't do pets. I have enough messes to clean up with 3 boys and a husband. Your computer? Mac something or other....sorry, dh, I don't know the name of your darling.... Your life? pretty great, un-busy (the way I like it), family oriented Your mood? lazy Missing someone? my dad, step mom, and brother Your Car? Texas Cadillac aka White Chevy Suburban (sorry, Al Gore) Something you are not wearing? socks, earings Favorite store? Reality-Marshalls Dream-Banana Rebublic Your summer? chill, go explore some cool part of TX with kids as our family vacation, and try to getaway w/ dh too. Playdates, swimming, sleeping in Like someone? I like lots of people. Right now, I am getting to know a bunch of new friends, which is nice. Your favorite color? Decorating=red, chocolate brown, robin's egg blue...To wear=Navy blue & kelly green When was the last time you laughed? today as my kids sang and danced to nerdy music that dh hated (they are SO my kids) Last time you cried? Thursday
Who will repost this? Not sure but have at it if you want to!

Friday, May 2, 2008

my first Techy toy

Me and dh's 12th anniversary is coming up and he already got me my gift. It was an Ipod Shuffle. I am usually not into techy gadgets, but I have to say that I am more excited about this gift than any gift I've gotten in years. He has an Ipod, so we already have Itunes and all. Just made my first playlist to add to it. I'm not going to get any "cool" awards for sure, but all of this music pumps me up. I'm going to get so buff working out now..... any suggestion?  I have more to add, but am too lazy to do it right now.  Here is my playlist: We Cry Out        Kim Walker Rain Down        Rita Springer In the Girl There's a Room       Sara Groves When the Saints        Sara Groves Song for My Sons        Sara Groves Medals        Russ Taff Vision        Russ Taff Silent Love        Russ Taff Break Free        Hillsong United Point of Difference        Hillsong United I Will Run        Misty Edwards Baptize My Heart        Misty Edwards Salvation Is Here        Hillsong United Shout Unto God        Hillsong United Paint The Town Red        Delirious? Now Is The Time        Delirious? Here I Am Send Me        Delirious? Fires Burn        Delirious? Our God Reigns        Delirious? Inside Outside        Delirious? Mountains High        Delirious? From the Inside Out        Hillsong United Came to My Rescue        Hillsong United

Life is precious and fragile

I have been quiet the last few days because we had a tragedy in the family on Wed.  Around 3:30 PM I got one of those calls that you dread.  It was the call where the one calling is frantic and you brace yourself because you know bad news is coming.  The one calling was my mil.  She told me to listen carefully that she didn't have time to repeat herself.  Her younger brother and his 6 year old daughter had just been in a terrible car accident.  She was still getting details herself, but they did not know the condition of either her brother or her little niece, but that it did not look good.  My mil said she needed me to get the word out to all that I knew would pray asap.  My mil just happened to be in the town where it happened with her mother which is about 1 1/2 hours away.  I hung up and tried to first text a msg. to as many close family and friends that I knew would pray immediately.  It was so hard to concentrate on getting the message typed out and to everyone.  Then I sent out a prayer email to several that I knew she would want to be informed.  My kids could tell something was up and I asked them to quickly pray with me that these two would be ok.  I remained calm for their sake.  Right then my mil called back and said that the little girl had NOT survived and that her brother was being care flighted to a local hospital in our area.  No one knew how badly he was hurt.  I was in charge of getting the word to everyone.  I had to tell dh while he was in a mtg. celebrating his best month at his new job.  My heart was  breaking at the thought of this mom hearing the news in the next few minutes that her only child was gone and that her husband was being taken to the hospital in an unknown condition.  Long story short, the uncle has stabilized.  He had severe internal injuries, and has to have his knees and hip replaced. He is 54.  We had to talk about what had happened to our kids.  Our 4 year old didn't really understand, but our 7 year old did.  They were fairly close to this young girl, playing with her at all the family get togethers.  I tried to death not sound too scary or unknown and answered all of his questions, no matter how specific they were (with discretion, of course).  
Of course, I am comforted to know this little one is with Jesus.  She isn't unhappy or suffering.  The dad does not know about his daughter dying yet.  They couldn't tell him until he stabilized and he is in and out of consciousness.  They have been instructed to wait until his last surgery today and when he gets his breathing tube out.  The family believes he already knows.  He has asked about her every chance he gets and the family just says how much they love him.  I read a good article on death.  Check it out if you get the chance.  I know I've hugged my little ones a lot more lately.  I also don't take safety guidelines for granted either.  Neither were wearing seat belts and the 6 year old was in the front seat.  It is so easy to get too comfortable with letting safety slide just this one time....  Pray for the family as they continue to walk thru this tough time.  
Thank You!