Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meme (because I am bored)

Where is your cell phone? In my purse. Your significant other? hilarious, hard worker, perfectionist, talented, competitive, sensitive, hot stuff! Your hair? pony tail day (every 3rd day) Your mother? loves unconditionally Your father? multi-talented & wonderful Your favorite thing? being with family Your dream last night? Don’t know Your favorite drink? My morning coffee w/ Hazelnut creamer Your dream/goal? get in shape/ be more productive The room you are in? Our office Your ex? I started dating dh when I was 16, so "ex" is kind of silly, but I don't know where he is or what he does. Your fear? heights Where do you want to be in six years? close to my family, living out purpose Where were you last night? watching "Raiders of the Lost Arc" and eating takeout with dh while kids slept ...HEAVEN! What are you not? detail oriented, good at reading directions, driven Muffins? this makes me think of muffin tops, which I hate....(darn 3 pregnancies) One of your wish list items? a decorator to help me finish house Where you grew up? KS The last thing you did? went to World Aquarium with my family What are you wearing? green shorts, white tee-shirt Your TV? waste of time, but I love it Your pets? I don't do pets. I have enough messes to clean up with 3 boys and a husband. Your computer? Mac something or other....sorry, dh, I don't know the name of your darling.... Your life? pretty great, un-busy (the way I like it), family oriented Your mood? lazy Missing someone? my dad, step mom, and brother Your Car? Texas Cadillac aka White Chevy Suburban (sorry, Al Gore) Something you are not wearing? socks, earings Favorite store? Reality-Marshalls Dream-Banana Rebublic Your summer? chill, go explore some cool part of TX with kids as our family vacation, and try to getaway w/ dh too. Playdates, swimming, sleeping in Like someone? I like lots of people. Right now, I am getting to know a bunch of new friends, which is nice. Your favorite color? Decorating=red, chocolate brown, robin's egg blue...To wear=Navy blue & kelly green When was the last time you laughed? today as my kids sang and danced to nerdy music that dh hated (they are SO my kids) Last time you cried? Thursday
Who will repost this? Not sure but have at it if you want to!


nicole said...

I love the way you have decorated your home. You don't need a decorator--you are doing a great job.

Sarah said...

Hey! Fancy meeting you in blogland! I have a bunch of questions like how old are your kids and where are you living, etc, etc...I'll just have to peruse the blog for a while. We are in Florida now, but are moving back to Arlington next month. I'm SO ready to come home!

Sarah said...

We've only been gone a's been a long one. We were in Texas for 4 years before that. Would you send me your email address?