Monday, May 26, 2008

Recent trip to KS

We got back last week from a 10 hour car trip (with 3 kids) to KS. We had a wonderful time with family. I just realized that I have no pictures with my brother in his cap and gown. My kids love going to KS. It is like a magical wonderland filled with tractors, open spaces, and hyper dogs named "Molly."

Here is DH being "artistic" with his new camcorder.  The joys of a long car trip.
Here was our dinner stop on the way there at Canadian, TX.  The kids were so happy to be free for an hour.  We had some good cheeseburgers at the "Fillin Station."

Here is the famous "Molly" dog.  The kids LOVED her.  I was not as impressed as they were.  

This was us waiting for our ride on the 4 wheeler.  Like our matching shirts?

When we weren't on the 4 wheeler, dad was giving rides in his new hi-tech tractor.  The kids think my dad is famous because he drives such a big tractor.  

Having some fun in the tree.  The brown headed kids are 2 of my nephews.  My dad's yard was made for little boys.

On the way home, Bam Bam decided he needed to be back with the big boys.  The big boys didn't appreciate the slobbery fingers in their face while they tried to watch Veggie Tales.

This is a normal view from any vantage point in western KS.  Looks like a dessert, but that is a field.  Not a tree for miles.  Strangely, it can be refreshing after being in the crowded city. 


Sarah said...

I like the new look! A 10 hour car trip is horrid, but it looks like yours was totally worth it.

jason said...

blog is pretty stale...