Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Haircut

Bam Bam is 17 mo. and got his first haircut last night. We went to a place that specializes in kid's haircuts, but that did not lessen the horror for him. I remember when I took my first child to get his first haircut. As soon as he started to cry, I got so anxious. I didn't even flinch when Bam Bam started to wail. The girl cutting his hair said she was surprised I wasn't freaking out like the other moms. I told her that he cries at home and survives so I knew he'd make it this time too. I miss his baby curls. He looks like a little boy now and not a baby. Kind of sad since he is my last. I will post a before and after pic. later. Blogger isn't cooperating. Here is the video. Prepare to be horrified.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Christmas card

I will take ALL the credit for the idea for the Christmas card, but have to give credit to dh who did all the computer stuff on photo shop. He also took the picture. I just made goofy faces behind him to keep baby interested. We probably took 30 pictures before we arrived at "the" one. We told the kids to pretend they were holding big letters. Here is the picture before photo shop:

Notice the look of "uncertainty" in Einstein's (the first one) eyes. He's not too sure that mommy and daddy know what they are doing.

Here is the finished product. We had to cut out the whole Christmas tree to get it to fit on our card. I found some plain note cards at a store that I made into Christmas Cards. Much cheaper that way. I will also show you the back of the card. So consider yourself Christmas Carded

Sending a Holiday blessing your way,
Lifting a prayer for you-
May all your Christmas memories be bright…
May His joy BLESS all you do!

"DH, Me, Lancelot, Einstein, & Bam Bam"

“Today your Savior was born…He is Christ the Lord!” Luke 2:11

I am technologically challenged

Well, I was getting discouraged because I just didn't have any comments to any of my postings. I know that sounds pathetic, but half the fun of blogging, in my humble opinion, is hearing comments to one's own blogs. So I finally clicked on my actual blogger account and saw that I had 9 comments just waiting to be moderated. I do not know why this setting is on now. I don't remember setting it up like that. Well, thanks folks for caring.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Worlds are colliding

AsManyAsWe'reGiven and her hubby joined me and my dh for a night out without kids. I think it is funny how the guys always say they don't care where we eat, and try to get the ladies to plan the whole thing, but when it came down to deciding a restaurant both males were in objection to all our ideas, and ultimately chose where we ate. I was thinking of a dark romantic Italian restaurant. We ended up in a lodge like steakhouse. I will say the food was really good and I enjoyed the conversation. The picture below is in front of a fireplace at the Gaylord Hotel. We went there to walk around because it was only 8 something after dinner and we were too old to do anything else. I'm talking about me and dh. I suggested sitting in the car and just talking but I was immediately called "lame." So I shut up. Back when both our hubbies were in a band together, I thought nothing of staying out until 2 am. Now I get tired around 9 PM. hahaha! Thanks for the great night, guys!!!!