Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Haircut

Bam Bam is 17 mo. and got his first haircut last night. We went to a place that specializes in kid's haircuts, but that did not lessen the horror for him. I remember when I took my first child to get his first haircut. As soon as he started to cry, I got so anxious. I didn't even flinch when Bam Bam started to wail. The girl cutting his hair said she was surprised I wasn't freaking out like the other moms. I told her that he cries at home and survives so I knew he'd make it this time too. I miss his baby curls. He looks like a little boy now and not a baby. Kind of sad since he is my last. I will post a before and after pic. later. Blogger isn't cooperating. Here is the video. Prepare to be horrified.


nicole said...

I think it is hilarious that you filmed your son's misery. We are so lucky because I have a friend who comes over here and cuts the kids hair for 5 bucks a piece! Since they are at home it usually goes very well, with no screaming. I'm looking forward to the before and after pictures (blogger hasn't been working for me on pics too).

sahmqueen said...

Well, it's not like I took my video camera. My cell has a video option. I have caught some of the best moments on a little 30 second video clip from my phone. $5 is awesome for a haircut. His cost $14.00 plus tip. I don't go there for every cut, but the first one is special.

weavermom said...

Man, look at that girl go!

I cut Little Man's at home with a buzz cutter. :) Thankfully, he doesn't scream!

You've asked me some questions, and I've been delinquent. :) I know you sent me your email but I can't find it! :(

So, here goes:
The preschool curriculum I used (and loved!) is the Weaver Interlock. It's for 3, 4, 5 yr olds and is designed for 1 1/2 hours, 3 days a week. It goes through the 7 days of creation and ties other subjects into it. For example, on Day 1, God created light - so you talk about rainbows, colors, lightbulbs a little bit, shadows, etc... It's hands on and has suggestions for fun books, etc... I moderate an email support list for it if you end up getting it - be sure to join. It's not very active, but the archives have some fun things and it's just nice to meet others using it - I think anyway. :)

Because the curriculum we use is based on the bible, I have not ever supplemented anything, other than to just read from the Beginners Bible at bedtime. I have a couple of the Heritage Builders Family Night books. They have lots of hands-on fun activities, but we honestly have not gotten in the habit of a family night. I think if we weren't homeschooling, that might be different...

The Durham's said...

My name is Stacy and you posted a comment on our blog about the Blessed Marriage. We absolutely LOVED the book:) My husband I read it a little over a year ago and found it very inspiring and real:) How long have you attended Gateway? I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope that we can run into each other sometime at church:) Bless you!

The Durham's said...

What a small world:) My husband and I have attented Gateway for 4 years and are active in a lifegroup:) We would love to meet your sweet family and introduce you to our lifegroup:) It is for married couples, and most of us have children:) I am so glad to know that you will be reading the Blessed Marriage. We have also read Influence of a Father and absolutely loved it! Both are very annointed and full of wisdom:) If you and your husband are attending the FIRST Conference for the next few evenings, write me back, and we can arrange to meet you there:) Bless you and I look forward to hearing back from you.