Friday, December 14, 2007

I am technologically challenged

Well, I was getting discouraged because I just didn't have any comments to any of my postings. I know that sounds pathetic, but half the fun of blogging, in my humble opinion, is hearing comments to one's own blogs. So I finally clicked on my actual blogger account and saw that I had 9 comments just waiting to be moderated. I do not know why this setting is on now. I don't remember setting it up like that. Well, thanks folks for caring.


weavermom said...

Did you figure out how to change the setting?

Your Christmas card looks great! What a fun idea and the boys are adorable. :)

sahmqueen said...

No, I didn't. Help! I fear I am turning into my mother when it comes to technology. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!

nicole said...

I noticed you weren't approving my comments, but didn't know why. I thought maybe you were embarassed by me. ;-)

You should be able to change it in your settings. Instead of comment moderation you want verification, I think.

FlashJordan said...

I'm really only here for The Hair, but I had a quick question: Does "technilogically challenged" mean that you don't spell well? Just curious as I wasn't familiar with that term. In the future, I'll try not to let my eyes stray away from The Hair ;)

sahmqueen said...

Ouch, Jordan. You caught my laziness. technologically

is that better???

(Jordan is a friend. Just so all of you out there don't think I have a hater looking at my blog)