Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm not dead

I know  it seems like I have been dead to blogging.  Honestly, I go in spurts of really wanting to blog my thoughts to times when I am just to lazy to convert thoughts and incidents to written words.  Because I know all 3 of my readers are dying to know what we've been up to, I have decided to do a photo/video update of the last month:
Dec. 20, my only unmarried brother in law (my dh's younger brother) proposed to his girlfriend.  We met them at a restaurant only moments after he popped the question.  She was so surprised because my bro in law had all her friends and family at the restaurant to congratulate them.  I am sure glad she said, "YES" because that could've been a really awkward moment.  I am really happy for them both.  His fiance', "S," as I will call her, is a nice girl.  She is really sweet to my kids which gives her major points, in my book.  They are getting married in March. Lancelot gets to be the ring bearer.  He is excited to be  IN the wedding.  Of course, Einstein wants a job too, so DH and I are trying to make up something he can do at the reception.  We thought about getting him a disposable camera and having him go around taking pictures.  Here is a picture of the happy couple:

I got to play hostess to my family over the holidays.  It was a lot of fun.  They live in KS, which is where I am originally from.  We had a great Christmas even with the bazillion kids in my house.  See, my sister also has 3 boys, ages 8, 7, and 4.  We are at a phase in life, with all the kids, that we don't get a lot of quality time to chat, undisturbed, but our times together are certainly never boring.   My husband got the game "Rock Band" for Christmas from his buddy.  The 2 older boys love playing with it almost as much as DH.

One of the highlights of my dad's visit was when he joined in on the "Rock Band" fun with DH, and my sister's husband.  It was pretty awesome....(sorry dad):

Good times!

I wish I had some video from New Year's Eve.  Our friends came over and they also "Rocked" out with us on "Rock Band."  Unfortunately, we didn't get any video of that .  It was fun to just let all our kids play at home, eat fattening food, and chill with friends in a low key way.  

I've made some resolutions that are pretty typical:  lose a few pounds, give first of the day to time with the Lord, organize all closets in house, and get some new clothes.  I am really excited to finally get some new clothes.  I haven't had new clothes since before I was pregnant with Bam Bam.  I plan to rid my closet of all the clothes that are stained, wrong size, or just plain unflattering before I go shopping.  That should leave me with about 5 pieces.  Seriously, Tim Gunn would have a fit if he saw my clothes.  I should care more.  I don't want to end up an old, tired-looking mom.  Dh and I are going to get a sitter for the whole day and go shop together in the next few weeks.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

I'd also like to start doing more in the house as far as decorating.  I have put it off in the name of "having a baby."  However, my baby is now 18 months old.  We don't have the money to buy a bunch of new stuff, but I'd like to get a vision of what I will do in the future.  I can do a little at a time.  I just need a vision on how it is supposed to look.  I have all sorts of ideas for OTHER people's houses, but draw a blank on my own.  I need some inspiration from a good magazine.  Any ideas?

Till next time......


nicole said...

Thanks for the update. Yea for the engagement--funny that we were just talking about that at dinner. I think it is awesome that DH is shopping with you--mine would not even think of it! I'll be excited to see your results. I'm in a big decorating mood too, especially with the new furniture on the way. I really want to paint our room, but T does not seem interested. We'll see. Talk to you soon.

The Wells Family-Jason, Gwen, Paige, and Lane said...

Glad to hear from you! Was your dad on the vocals for the Rock Band video? I think they were singing/playing Roxanne. Is that right?

I would LOVE to make a New Year's Resolution to buy some new clothes! However, I seem to make that a weekly goal! :) If not weekly, then at least monthly. Do you have any specific pieces in mind for your new wardrobe, or will you just see what looks good and looks good on you? Have fun!

sahmqueen said...

Yes, that was dad singing Roxanne. He was rocking it out!!! So you like to shop, I guess? I really don't. It is so hard to find the time to really look with 3 small kids. Then if I do get some time to myself, I get overwhelmed at all the choices. I need everything from underwear to shoes and everything in between. I am going to take Tim Gunn's 10 essential items list with me. Check this out:

sahmqueen said...

sorry. here is the full link