Friday, May 2, 2008

my first Techy toy

Me and dh's 12th anniversary is coming up and he already got me my gift. It was an Ipod Shuffle. I am usually not into techy gadgets, but I have to say that I am more excited about this gift than any gift I've gotten in years. He has an Ipod, so we already have Itunes and all. Just made my first playlist to add to it. I'm not going to get any "cool" awards for sure, but all of this music pumps me up. I'm going to get so buff working out now..... any suggestion?  I have more to add, but am too lazy to do it right now.  Here is my playlist: We Cry Out        Kim Walker Rain Down        Rita Springer In the Girl There's a Room       Sara Groves When the Saints        Sara Groves Song for My Sons        Sara Groves Medals        Russ Taff Vision        Russ Taff Silent Love        Russ Taff Break Free        Hillsong United Point of Difference        Hillsong United I Will Run        Misty Edwards Baptize My Heart        Misty Edwards Salvation Is Here        Hillsong United Shout Unto God        Hillsong United Paint The Town Red        Delirious? Now Is The Time        Delirious? Here I Am Send Me        Delirious? Fires Burn        Delirious? Our God Reigns        Delirious? Inside Outside        Delirious? Mountains High        Delirious? From the Inside Out        Hillsong United Came to My Rescue        Hillsong United

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nicole said...

Shine Like the Son by Matt Maher has a good beat and is a good song.