Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thrifty "Expression" picture frame

So my sister over at ABODE turned me into a "Blog Lurker."  I actually had a blog running before she did, but let it go when life got too busy.  Then my sister started telling me about all of these wonderful blogs that she had been reading that were inspiring her to let her creative side be free.  I listened but thought, "I don't have the energy for all of that."  Then I started to see her blossom.  She started doing all of these cool projects for next to no money.  On top of that she was having fun, and her family was benefitting from it.  That is when the "lurking" began.  I feel like I know a lot of  you, personally, even if you've never heard from me yet.  I have started building up my craft closet and my garage is filling up (much to dh's disapproval) with thrift store jewels just waiting to be "Cutiefied."

One of my biggest issues is just jumping in.  My house is fairly bare because I am afraid that I will make a mistake.  I don't like that side of me.  I haven't always been so unsure, so I'M BREAKING FREE!  I am going to show you my first little project since I've been introduced to all of you creative angels.  The Bible says not to despise small beginnings, so I won't.  I have lots of ideas for future projects that I hope to share with you really soon.  I could use some advice on when is the appropriate time to do projects, read blogs, and then create blogs, when I homeschool and 3 boys under 9 at home?  I could easily neglect them all day with this new "find."  I won't do that, which is the reason for the slow start.  However, that is a subject for another blog.  Back to my first project:

I just love those cute 'Expression" frames that are everywhere from Hobby Lobby to Hallmark.

 I have been wanting one for a while now.  However, the price always stops me.  Even at 50% off, I always think it is too much of a splurge.  So, I went about trying to make a thrifty version of one.  Here is what I came up with.   I started with a frame and autograph mat both from the Dollar Tree (Love the DT).

Then I spray painted both black.  It took several coats to get a smooth surface.  I learned that cheap black spray paint leaves a nasty black dust behind.  Next time I will probably just use real paint.  Then I had dh apply some stickers that I already had to the picture.  He has a degree in graphic design and even worked at a decal shop for a while.  He has a very creative and steady hand.  Then I did 2 coats of Mod Podge.  I thought some texture might be nice so then I did some swirlies with the Mod Podge.  It also covered up any streaks left behind from my inexperienced "crafting" hands.  I think it turned out great.  Seeing that I already had the paint and stickers, this project cost me only $2.00.  What do you think?

(yes it laying on my carpet.  I kept getting weird glares when I took a picture of it on my wall.)

(Here is a shot that shows the swirly texture. Too much?  I never know when to stop.)  If you have any ideas for any other embellishments that can be "stuck on" let me know.  I don't trust my free hand abilities yet.  Hop on over to todays creative blog to see other inspirations of "Get Your Craft On."


Sonia said...

Hi, I think you have a good reason to start blogging because you have a creative streak...adding swirls was a great idea to jazz up the plain frame a little bit..I'm a beginner to crafting myself, and am a full time management student who has classes sometimes for 12hrs straight...I know the challenges of motherhood, but then you have a gift and should showcase it out by balancing the hours...I know a blogger lady who has 8 kids(OMG!!) and makes great crafts..In a way, our troubles would be lesser than hers! I urge you to keep on at crafting, you have a daft hand and an open mind to learn: that's what makes you great!! I would like to see lot more of it!

Micah said...

Tah Dah...indeed! Wow you posted like a pro and your project photographed nicely. 2 thumbs up:)
Now unleash your creativity and fly little bird!
Ok enough did great. I need to post a recent creation, but am to lazy to photograph...Help!

Ness Lockyer said...

Your post layout was great. You done a good job of your project too. Dont be scared to show your creative side. Blogland is a very supportive place to get feedback and ideas to make your projects better. I wouldnt add anything more to your frame...less is more.
Well done.
As for how to do it all with 3 boys. I have 2 and they are 5.5 and 3. I blog at night when they are in bed. That way I can have a nice cup of coffee and read, work and blog without distractions. That way the day is for the boys, housework, errands etc
Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog.
Ness xx

KLJ said...

very cool. I'm still lovin my candle.

Jamie said...

You did it, and it looks great!

nicole said...

It looks great! I want to use that phrase as a starting point for a collage on our entryway wall. But I'll pay someone to make me a cute wooden sign. :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

I love that frame! Love the swirlies. :D