Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Give In To Me

I wanted to share a song that has really touched me lately.  It is written from the Lord's perspective.  I think it is applicable to so many.  Our walk with the Lord is full of ups and downs.  Sometimes after the hard times, it is easy to try to forget who you were with God and what He meant to you.  It is easy to feel disappointed and direct our anger at Him.  We think the world will offer us something easier or more pure.  We're left with nothing but useless scars.

When I first really listened to the lyrics of the song, I cried.  I could almost feel the longing from God for His prodigal sons and daughters to just "give in."  I've been there myself. Maybe you know someone who is pretending to be someone they're not too.  No one feels it as much as the Lord does.  First go to the bottom of my page and pause my playlist.  Then click  to listen.  ENJOY!

Give In To Me Words and Music by Laura Hackett

Vs.1  I’ve watched you for awhile,
you don’t like to show how you feel inside
I’ve watched you for awhile, you bottle up your emotions in your pride

Oh but it still slips out in moments
And it slips out in your smile
It slips out in moments
And it slips out in your eyes

And I don’t care who you say you are
Cause I see the way that you look in my face
Though you hide in your “mysteries”
I hear the way you call my name

So give into me
Just say yes to me
I just can’t take it anymore
You gotta be mine, be mine

Vs.2 I bought you I paid the price
I’ve called you out and I’ve claimed you as mine
But you keep running, running away from me
You keep hiding, hiding in shame from me

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