Friday, February 15, 2008

worth the coinage

I will spend a few extra bucks on only a few items. Otherwise, I am very frugal. Here is just a sample of some things I consider "splurge worthy." 1. Toilet Paper...this only took one bad purchase to realize-nuf said! 2. Olive oil. I don't go crazy when buying evoo, but cheap olive oil is so gross. I usually go middle of the road and always buy cold pressed. Costco has a great Olive Oil by Kirkland. 3. Milk. This is one of the few things I buy organic. I like the Horizon brand. I don't know if the ultra pasteurization is good for me or not, but I love how long it stays fresh and it doesn't have that gross "milk" smell to it. I am ruined for life on this one. Can never go back to store brand. 4. Candles. I love me a nice candle. I usually just have one votive burning, but if it is a good candle, that one votive will reach my whole house. My favorites are Trapp, Tyler, and Votivo (Woodland Hyacinth is an amazing scent by them) 5. Chocolate. If I am going to have a piece of chocolate, I want the experience to be "meaningful." I never buy cheap chocolate chips when baking either. However, I have to say that Nestle's chips are as good as the more expensive brands, in my book. I have found the "Lindt" chocolate truffles to be just what my heart longs for. They have a smooth chocolate center that just glides over your tongue like silk. Ok, I'm done. 6. Haircuts/Color. Every time I try to skimp on this one, I am ridiculed by my friends and family. I have tried to skimp on my haircare way too many times. Each time I think, oh I can highlight my own hair. I always end up with white polka dots on my head. Then I have to go to my hairdresser in shame and admit that I, once again, tried to take matters into my own hands and I desperately need her help out of this ugly mess. This rings true with my cuts as well. The last time I tried to save a buck by going to the local hair school, I was mangled by dull scissors. It was scene. 7. Vacuum Cleaners. 11 years ago, a vacuum cleaner salesman came to our apartment door. We had set the appointment because we wanted the free cleaning that came with sale's pitch. He poured salt on our floor and then vacuumed it up with my cheapy Dirt Angel. I thought he got it all until he used his beast of a machine and went over the seemingly clean carpet where the salt used to be. A TON of salt came up. We were sold. He gave us a spiel on allergies and dust and all that, which just made us feel justified to spend the money he was proposing. Then we haggled over the price for what seemed like an eternity, and we humored him when he stepped out of the room to get permission from his manager to cut us such a "special" deal. We fell for it then. Since then, I have learned that we were putty in his hands and that most salesmen use the same tactics. However, I have NEVER regretted that purchase. This machine will suck the smirk off of a flea's face. Yeah we spent a lot on it, but in 11 years, I have never had to replace it. The only repair I've ever done to it was earlier this year, and it only cost $25.00. I know people who spend $200 every other year on the latest cheap vacuum at Sears. Then they complain that their allergies are driving them crazy. We spend so much on our floors whether with carpet, tile, or wood, and then we expect a Wally World special to keep them looking new. I'll get off of my soap box now. Btw, our vacuum is a Tri-Star. In case you were wondering. In my next post, I will discuss what is not worth the extra money, in my humble opinion. Stay tuned!


The Wells Family-Jason, Gwen, Paige, and Lane said...

I'm with you on the toilet paper, sister! I learned my lesson, too. I would also have to add paper towels and plastic wrap to the list.
Oh, and shoes. I don't blow A LOT of money on shoes, but I do think you get what you pay for. I love Nike Shox and AK by Anne Klein.

Elaine A. said...

I am with you on the Chocolate girl (loving it and springing for it). Lindt truffles are good but I also love me some Ghiradelli dark chocolate mint squares... wish I had some in the house now...dangit!

nicole said...

So I want to know what you will cheap out on! Where's the details? Perhaps I will do a post of my own on this topic. Goodness knows I need some blog fodder, to keep people from thinking I've gone and had a baby or something.

weavermom said...

I agree 110% on all of these - especially the chocolate!!

We actually have milk delivery - can you believe that? It's all natural - 3 days from the cow to me. Spoiled rotten am I, and most of the neighbors. :)