Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Go to 5 Minutes for Mom to see more WW.


Elaine A. said...

Ok, just the fact that he can hold all those kids on his back is amazing to me! What a cute pic!

In response to your comment about traffic - These are 3 things I have done that I think have really helped:

1. Joined a lot of these carnival things like wordless wednesday

2. Added myself to several blogrolls (see all the "stuff" on my sidebar?)

3. Visited A LOT of other blogs and commented like crazy! : )

And P.S. I would love to be part of your blog world family!

Jennifer Berning said...

Hi Glory! I found you through my sis Gwen's blog, just wanted to say hello and tell you what handsome young men you have! It's been fun catching up through this window on your life -

Jennifer Berning said...

Oh, and I just have to add that the video of your dad singing to Rock Band is hilarious! Love it!!

The Wells Family-Jason, Gwen, Paige, and Lane said...

What a man! Your boys are getting so big!

I finally updated my blog. The month of February has been crazy (enough said).

The Durham's said...

So sorry it has taken me so long to comment back:) This picture is precious:) By the way, I loved your list of items you will pay more or less and I could shop together:):) Have a blessed day, and I still look forward to meeting you at church sometime:)