Friday, February 8, 2008

Get rid of the old...Make way for the new!

My fashion forward friend came to visit me this last weekend. As you know, I was in desperate need for some new clothes. The only problem was that I wasn't in the "mood" to shop or try on new clothes. There is a ZONE that I get into when real shopping success happens. If I'm not in the ZONE, then not much is accomplished. My friend was losing her patience with me. For example, one of the shops that I went into had a line to try on clothes. W ell, I was so put out that I had to wait in line with a bunch of 16 year olds just to try on 2 pairs of pants. My friend forced me back into line. I am glad that she did because those 2 pairs of pants ended up being the only pants I bought all weekend. Here they are. I got them in dark khaki and white.

I couldn't find a pair of jeans to fit me to save my life. It didn't help to overhear my friend ask the saleslady if she could go grab her a pair of the same jeans, only in a 00. Yes that is two zeros. She is sweet and funny so I put up with her smallness. And for whatever reason, my feet decided to swell and NOT fit into any shoes either. Picture the ugly stepsisters trying on the petite glass slipper with their giant hooves hanging over the shoe, and that is exactly the scene that was going on while I tried on shoes. I did find these cute little things at GAP and they fit so well that I quickly bought them before my foot decided to grow again.

I also bought a couple of soft comfy shirts to where everyday. I am really drawn to the nautical look this year. Everything I bought was either Navy, white, or Kelly Green. I then came home and cleaned out my closet. I remembered that Tim Gunn says the "Keep" items must fit and make you feel great when wear them. I threw out 75% of my old stuff and ended up with this pile:
I am going to try to sell some of the nicer pieces on Craig's List. The rest will go to Goodwill. You can't really tell how much is under that pile, but it filled 4 big shopping bags. I need your advice on where to find a really great pair of black heels. I want something timeless and classic. I don't mind a heel. However, I don't want to pay an arm and leg for them either. I completely understand those people on "What Not To Wear" when they get overwhelmed in the store. I felt that. There were so many options, and I didn't really know what I wanted. I will shop more when I get more of a feeling for what I want.


weavermom said...

Wow- you got a lot done!

I LOVE those pants - I think they were worth waiting in line for. :)

The Wells Family-Jason, Gwen, Paige, and Lane said...

I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!! In fact, I checked out Gap's website, and they aren't available online. :( Maybe later, because I would seriously order a pair.
Those pants are very classy. I think you'll love them for years to come! The wide-leg style is very hip (does anyone use that word anymore?).
Jeans-okay, shopping for jeans is very frustrating no matter who you are or what size you wear. My sis sent me a link to a really cool website that offers suggestions for jeans that will fit your body based on results from a series of questions that you answer. You'll have to try it. (I'm not sure how to create a link on here).
Anyway, try it (the website), and maybe you'll come away with specific jeans to look for when shopping. Hope it works for you!

nicole said...

Yea for shopping. You are so brave to wear white pants! I just don't think I could do it. I am constantly telling people to buy Michelle D shoes from Dillards. That is where I got my favorite black heels, they were 60 dollars. Totally worth it b/c they are comfortable and hot, and they will last. I have been loving all the spring clothing that is out, but of course I can't buy anything b/c who knows what size I will be after baby.

By the way, I feel great. Tired, but good. No contractions, and I probably won't have any. I never go into labor on my own.