Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This was my day --ramblings....

Sorry for the bullet point ramblings, but I don't have any catchy thing to write about today. Just a lot of little "life" things. *The scale is not moving. Ugghhh. I am on Core and have been since the Sucky diet ended. I have been reading the msg. board on the WW Core site, and everyone assures me that this is a way of eating healthier and not a diet. The weight willl follow. Several have told me that it took a couuple of weeks to start to see the scale move. And then, it just kept coming off. That is what I am hoping for. I love eating and cooking this way, so I'm not about to quit now. I HAVE to exercise on a more regular basis. I have a gym membership, but it is such a chore to get my 2 younger kids there. They like it ok, although I have been called on the speaker to come get Bam Bam who was exercising his demons out that day. I wish I could ride my bike more often. I could ride more if I got a baby seat for the back of the bike. I am terrified that I would fall with him on there. Any suggestions? Anyone use one of those trailers? * I was in Wal-Mart today looking through the clearance isle for a lamp shade. I will post a picture of my project soon. My sister found me a brass swing arm floor lamp at a garage sale for $1.50. It works, but has no shade. I also dont' like brass. So I am spray painting it with this textured paint. The shade is super cool and I got it for $9.00. Anyway, as I was looking, the baby wanted out of the cart because he saw a toy on the shelf that he had to have. I wouldn't let him out, so the fit started. Mind you, he is only 14 mo., but he is having fits that sound more like a 2 or3 year old. I ignored it, because I was almost done looking. I was probably only in that isle for 5 minutes total. This lady (SHREW) walked by and rolled her eyes at me while she said in a loud/RUDE voice, "Geez, give your child something to hold or something. That is ridiculous!" Then to make matters worse, an older guy walked by right at that moment, heard the whole thing, and gave me that "Bless your heart" look. I got all red in the face. It took all I had to talk myself out of chasing after that woman and asking her, point blank, what she thought I could do for a baby having a fit?? I realized that I could not do this since my 3 year old was looking sweetly up at me. I just swallowed my pride and finished my trip. I ended up carrying baby most of the way while I pused the cart with one hand. Pathetic, I know. I did NOT let the other two act like this. I guess it is training time. I so did not want to be the mom who lets the last one get away with more than the others. Gotta jet. DH just got home from band practice, and I am ready to watch some TV.

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