Monday, October 1, 2007

Hallelujah the diet is over!!!

Well, the 7 day diet was over yesterday. I had dessert 2 nights in a row because we were at someone's house. And then last night we were at MIL's house and she made sandwiches. So even with the deviations, I still lost 5 solid pounds. Not bad. The last 3 days of the diet were totally easy. I will probably do it one more time before my cousin's wedding in San Francisco. I think the best part is that this diet helped me to mentally jump the eating bad hurdle. Now I am back to eating off the Core food list on Weight Watchers which is just no processed food, and lots of whole foods. The Core diet seems like heaven compared to the strictness of the other one, so I feel really confident. I am also trying to drink all of my water each day. I tasted a diet DP the other day and it tasted so gross. How did I drink those as much as I did?


Momma Roar said...

Way to go you!!! 5 pounds is great!

I walked on the treadmill again this morning - still telling myself I need to eat better...

weavermom said...

yay! 5 pounds!

Keep us posted (I especially want to know if it stays off when you start eating more normally - esp. since you are still eating healthy!)