Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Wedding and a Surgery

You know how when something big happens, you end up telling the story a million times. Well, that is how this whole thing with Bam Bam was. It was a week ago this last Saturday that it all went down. Because I don't want to type the story again (I know, severe laziness) here is my husband's interpretation from his own blog. I will insert my own comments in red:

A Wedding and a Surgery

So we had this wedding to attend in rural, southern Missouri...We drive almost 7 hours and get into town with barely enough time to check into the motel and switch into wedding clothes. When Glory pulls Oliver out of his car seat, I hear, "OH MY GOD JASON LOOK!"...

I scramble over and notice an ENORMOUS bulge on his neck under his left chin/ear. There are a few minutes of confusion as some of her family is leaving to go the the wedding and we are trying to get our pediatrician on the phone at 5pm on a Saturday. (My dad, step-mom, and brother live in KS, so we were meeting them in MO. This was the first time I had seen them since June. I had discovered the bump about 3 minutes before we drove up to motel and see my family standing outside the bldg.) We finally get a nurse on the line and she tell us as long as he isn't running a fever or having difficulty breathing, we should be okay to drive him to the nearest hospital after the wedding. The ceremony is about 25 minutes and we "high tail" it out of town dialing hospitals as we drive.

We find the hospital that is closest, but there is a crazy mix up with some transferred calls and we get directions to a DIFFERENT hospital that is farther away. That turned out to be very fortunate, because we ended up at the only hospital in 100 sq miles that had a pediatric center AND a resident Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. (He says "fortunate" I say God works out ALL things for our good, and HE directed us there. We literally called one number and got directions to the big hospital, thinking we were going to the closer/smaller hospital, which was 30 minutes out of our way).

Long story short - they hook him (as we held him down and he screamed) to an IV and immediately ordered a CT Scan. That showed a definite abcess and they wanted to surgically drain it ASAP. O.R. was booked for the night so they scheduled him for 8 AM sunday morning. Surgery went fine but we had to spend another night in the hospital and finally got back home to TX late monday afternoon...(So, when they told us we would be at least one night in the hospital, I had to think of what I would do with my other 2 kids. They said they would try to get us in the Ronald McDonald house. That just sounded so crazy. My dad said they would stay with us in MO and take the kids to the hotel. Thank God for them. DH and I slept in the room with baby. I slept on hospital bed like when I had him, and dh slept on a rollout bed. Because it was a peds ward, they had a wagon to pull him around the hospital. He is fine now. I just kept saying, "I don't know how we got here." Pretty scary.) Good Times.


weavermom said...

This sounds like a crazy time! Glad he is ok!

Is there a Part 2? I want to know what WAS it? What caused it? Will it come back? Did the draining go well? :) Yeah, yeah - I'm such a girl. :)

How amazing God worked it out for you to go to the big hospital!

4andcounting said...

I'm so glad it all worked out and appears to have been relatively minor. Life is never dull with the little people is it?