Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stolen tag from Weavermom

TEN THINGS I DID THIS WEEKEND 1. ate way too much at Snuffers (mmmm...cheese fries) 2. dh and I tried to take baby to walk around town center. not exactly the magical moment we had hoped for. He didn't want to be in stroller. 3. remembered why I don't like shopping 4. cleaned house 5. got girl time with friend and saw "August Rush" 6. Went to Target for space heater (no more painful exits from my shower) 7. Skipped Church (not proud of this, but it happened) 8. got donuts instead 9. Returned Heater for a different model 10. Saw "The Mist" with dh. (I haven't seen that many movies in one month in years) 9 things on my agenda this week: 1. start diet back up 2. go to bed by 11 3. get up each day early to do devo. 4. clean out office cabinet 5. take back a cheap phone charger from Dollar General that didn't work (wonder why?) 6. buy plain tshirt for Lancelot's Winter party at school (they are making hand print reindeer) 7. clean out linen closet 8. put away Fall decorations 9. Put up Christmas decorations 8 shows I've watched (last week): 1. TIm Gunn's Guide to Style (thank you Musings of a Housewife) 2. Easy Entertaining 3. Survivorman 4. The View (Hot Topics Only) 5.The Today Show 6. Heroes 7. Journeyman 8. HOUSE 7 things I cooked last week: 1. Pork Chops 2. Teryiaki Chicken 3. Smoked Turkey 4. Pumpkin Pie 5. Golden baby beets (this was new) 6. oatmeal 7. sauteed spinach 6 things I read this week (this one is hard, since I don't read much) 1. My bible 2. My Utmost For His Highest 3. blogs 4. The Grumpy Bird (reading with son) 5. Scaredy Squirrel (reading with son) 6. chats with DH (pathetic list, I know) 5 Reasons to be happy today 1. Since getting back to eating right, I feel awesome--not sluggish anymore 2. My 2 younger boys are napping right now (bliss) 3. My family is healthy 4. Dh's new job is going really well 5. I am hitting a lot of my goals each day (see earlier "Priorities" blog) 4 things I need to buy: 1. Band aids 2. everyday clothes for me (Tim Gunn would die if he saw my closet) 3. Stuffing mix for Lancelot's school food drive 4. Christmas presents 3 people I saw this weekend: 1. Stefani and Jordan 2. Danny ad Glenda 3. all of Dh's family 2 things I am thankful for right now: 1. Health 2. quiet time for me while kiddos nap

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nicole said...

What did you think of the movies? I'm impressed you managed to see two, and neither one was for the kids. Looking forward to Saturday.