Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bringing the bird!

I have been in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey for my husband's big family get together for the last 4 years. And every one of those years I have prepared the turkey using a brine. recipe. This year I am taking it one step further and grilling the brined bird. I have my dad on speed dial for guidance. He is the grilling master. I wasn't thinking, however, and waited until today to think to buy my turkey. As you know, a big, frozen turkey takes a few days to thaw out. I was prepared to buy a fresh one even though they jack up the prices to almost double the frozen price. However, the stores were all out of the size bird I needed. I am cooking 2 14 pound birds instead of one gigantic one. Smaller birds are easier to handle and taste better. I noticed a lot of women around the frozen turkey bin, so I asked if we still could thaw out a bird, safely. The guy stocking the freezer with the birds said, we could let it sit in the bathtub filled with cold water overnight and it should be ready by tomorrow morning. I am cooking the birds on Wed., so that I am not stressed out come Thanksgiving morning. I also have an extra day to buy another turkey (already cooked, of course) if my grilling experience turns bad. So I have this packaged turkey floating in my bathtub. I am going to get fancy and soak some hickory chips to add nice smoky flavor while I grill. I'll let you know how it goes.


nicole said...

A turkey in your tub is definitely a hallmark of class. ;) I'm impressed--I have never prepared anything for the big dinner.

The Wells Family-Jason, Gwen, Paige, and Lane said...

OK-that's hilarious! Also, your bathtub & surrounding tile look a lot like mine! I am roasting a turkey this year, too! I'm a little nervous (never done it before), so I checked out the brine link. It sounds delish. One problem, tho, Mel's Foodliner doesn't have half the ingredients required, so I guess I'm stuck with plan B (not sure what that is, yet!).

Momma Roar said...

Ok, that would have been a hilarious picture if the bird would have been out of the bag floating!! heehee

I'm roasting my turkey today as well (check out my post today for a fun idea if the grilling doesn't work).

As for the nativity - it was a salt dough recipe - I don't have it, but I'm sure you could google it and something might come up!

Happy Thanksgiving!