Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It reminds me to be thankful

I LOVE Sara Groves. For some reason every one of her cd's has, lyrically, hit me right where I am at that time. This song 'I Saw What I Saw' is from her latest album, "Tell Me What You Know." My 6 year old came into the office when I was watching this video and asked me about the people he saw. I told him that there were children in this world who didn't have a very fun life. I told him that a lot of them live in countries where there is fighting going on all the time, and the children sometimes lose their parents. I kept it simple, but he wanted to know, and I knew he was ready to hear about it. He just sat there quietly and watched it. I then took the moment to explain that God has really blessed us just by placing us in this country. I think he really got it. On another note, I think God will take me to Africa someday. I just want to go when I can really help. Right now, I would be so overwhelmed emotionally. But someday....

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