Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finding a "Kindred" Blogger

Since discovering this vast "Blog Land," I am always so thrilled to, every now and then, come across someone who I know I would be friends with if we met in person.  I found such a person over at
 The V Spot.  Not only is she very talented with her crafty yet thrifty projects, but she has a great sense of humor and is a great communicator, in my opinion.  Don't let the funny Blog name scare you off.  She has some great posts about her genuine faith in the Lord, but tells it like she sees it.  I get her.  Here is a little sneak peek into her mind.  (I've had this moment happen almost exactly like this, in my own life)

Dear Handsome Hubby,
Sometimes I have a day where 20 things I needed to accomplish are still 20 things not quite finished by the time you get home.

Sometimes one of those things is an art of craft project that I've been stalking on other blogs, and getting confirmation that it's a current and good idea by seeing similar things in stores.

Sometimes it's something I finally started to work on right about the time you walk in the door.
Sometimes it is a really, really bad idea to come in, wrinkle your nose and criticize something before you see it finished.

Sometimes if you do that, I will be instantly frustrated. I will feel cut off at the knees creatively, will second guess my original vision. In political or legal jargon: your attitude has a chilling effect on my creativity.

The Cranky, Premenstrual Crafter

Stay tuned for my "Creative Post" coming soon.


Vivienne said...

Hello there! Thanks for the "shout out!" We girls who "get" each other need to stick together. :) Cute blog. You are a brave, brave woman to try to homeschool 3 boys under the age of 8. The very thought makes me want to have a big glass of wine!
I'm a follower and will be back.

Micah said...

Well done with the posting! I am going right now to check out V spot...thanks for the heads up:)

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Dont make fun of crafts.

- DH (Dumb Husband)

sahmqueen said...

Ahhh, honey. "DH" doesn't stand for "Dumb Husband." It stands for "DEAR Hubby." But yeah, don't make fun of my crafts.