Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here we go.....

First off, I notice everyone has code names for their kids so I will do the same.

Oldest son (6 years) = Lancelot (because he loves to be a Knight when he plays)
Middle son (3 1/2) = Einstein (because he is way too smart to be 3)
youngest son (1 year) = Bam Bam (he is full of energy all the time and very busy)

So, Lancelot started first grade yesterday, and it was our first day of public school. He did great. To say I am not a morning person, is really putting it lightly. Because of this, I did all the lunches (one for kid and one for hubby), had boys pick out what they wanted to wear, and laid out my own clothes the night before. I was showered and ready by 7:30 am, which is crazy for me. I actually have Einstein and Bam Bam napping at the exact same time each day, which means I have a quiet house for 2 1/2 hours a day. I have loved this schedule so far. Ask me in a week, when the newness of waking up early has worn off, and I may not be so excited.

I need some advice on two things. Hubby and I need a good book to read together when kids go down. The last book we read was "The Five Love Languages." Anyone have a suggestion for our next read?

Second question--I need some sack lunch ideas for a kid who doesn't like lunch meat. I can't keep making PB&J and Pimento and Cheese sandwiches all year long. Any suggestions?

Hopefully with my quiet time, I can blog more and read more blogs.

Oh...I almost forgot...I also need weeknight meal ideas to add to our repertoire.


4andcounting said...

Where are you?

I gave you an award on my blog. It is really a sneaky effort to get you to blog more. ;-)

have a good weekend!

Bridget said...

My daughter has the same lunch issue. She basically eats banana, yogurt, string cheese and nutritious dry cereal. No sandwhich but at least the other stuff is healthy.

Elaine A. said...

on the subject of the lunches... my son won't eat a sandwhich to save his life either... I found a feature in Parent's magazine (Sept. issue I think) but anyway, you just buy a thermos, like a "food jar" verson where it's just a screw off top and not nessariloy only for liquids. I found mine at Target. Anyway, you can put hot food in there (such as chicken nuggets, grill cheese cut up, pasta, etc.) and it will stay warm until lunch time. So far it has worked for my son and he loves it (at least he eats it anyway...)

gwen said...

I'm a little late...how's the lunch thing going? I pack my own lunch every day, but there's no way I could pack my kids' lunches, too. They eat the cafeteria food and are alive to tell about it!
However, I sometimes pack a lunch for Lane (field trips, going with dad, etc) and he won't eat a sandwich, either! It ends up being fruit, baby carrots, string cheese, etc.
How are the early mornings???

sahmqueen said...

The mornings are getting easier. I still make lunches the night before. I am definitely going to bed earlier. He buys a lunch every now and then, but is still confused on their system. hahaha. It is too complicated. NO more punching the lunch card. It is all on a computer account.