Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well, I neglected to plan my weekly menu the last 2 weeks.  Let me tell you, that was disastrous.  We ate out more because I was unprepared.  I wasn't feeling well one of the days, but didn't have what I needed on hand to make dinner, or keep the kids quiet.  DISASTER!  Menu Planning Monday is essential for me and my sanity.

Lunch- Grilled Cheese Sandwich, fruit
Dinner- Tuna Cakes, cheesy cauliflower, salad

Lunch- PB & J sandwiches, chips

Lunch- Mac N Cheese, green beans and fruit
Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef with rice and mixed vegetables

Lunch- Turkey Sandwich, chips and fruit

Lunch- Baseball lunch (Hot Dogs and Popcorn)
Black Bean & Cilantro Tostadas, Guacamole, fruit

As always, check out organizing junkie for more menu plan monday ideas.


La said...

That mongolian beef recipe looks great! Have you used it yet? I think I'll add it to our menu this week. =)

nicole said...

I skipped a week too and it was not good for us. I'm trying to plan my menu right now. I will use up the last of the meat I have in the freezer and boy am I glad. I want to try new things next week.

Micah said...

I really need to start doing this. But you look like you are going to have a yummy week.:)

weavermom said...

I find the same thing - it helps so much! Both with money and stress level!! :)

Great job- your plan always looks yummy!